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Innspilling av lydbok i Nitro lydstudio

Audiobook production

Podkastinnspilling i Studio A på Nitro

Production of podcasts

Stemmeskuespiller leser inn voice hos Nitro


Nitro produces around 500 audiobooks per year. We do the casting of narrators, recording and mastering. Audio files are delivered ready for publication to distribution channels.

Some of Norway's most popular podcasts are recorded at Nitro. We offer the entire process from concept development, pitching, production and publishing.

We work with Norway's best voice actors. Find the right voice in our database, or let us help you with the casting. You can listen in while we are recording, via Team, Zoom, Sourde Connect or any other service.

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Ubisoft kundereferanse
Pierre Gaudreault
Ubisoft Montreal

Whether it is on the technical side, with great audio quality and ADR capabilities, or on the management side, with swift communications and file deliveries, Nitro meets the challenge. 

Bonnier forlag kundereferanse
Nina Juul
Bonnier publishing

I am very happy with the collaboration with Nitro. They are professional, efficient and tidy and deliver sound files with good quality and to agreed deadlines.

VG og PodMe kundereferanse
Peter Skjønberg

We see Nitro as professional and skilled. We often operate with short deadlines and Nitro delivers quickly and efficiently every time. We are very pleased with the collaboration!

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