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Audiobook production

Nitro produces around 500 audiobooks a year. We handle the entire process from the casting of readers, to contract management, recording, editing and mastering.

We offer 3 ways to produce audiobooks
With technician

This method is preferred by most audiobook narrator. The technician ensures optimal technical quality throughout the production. The technician's role also includes ensuring that the narrator reads with the right intention and empathy, as well as following the script to catch any reading errors. The reader can thus focus fully on the artistic aspect.

Self recording

The recording takes place in our studios, but the narrator is responsible for the technical aspects. Here there is no sparring partner for the artistic and no proof reading during the recording. Nitro deliveres the mastered files ready for publishing.

Home studio

The narrator reads in the audiobook from home using Nitro's equipment or their own professional equipment. The audio master is produced by us, and the files are delivered ready for publication. This is the most cost-effective way to produce audiobooks.

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